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"Professional Landscape Services"

Jasper Ridge is not a person or a place, it’s both! At Jasper Ridge we are very passionate about what we do. When it came to the business name it was no different. There is a strong personal meaning behind the name.

Jasper is derived from a name of the man that ignited my career in landscaping. I was 14 years old and he hired me to help him landscape his backyard. That summer I helped him install a flagstone boulder retaining wall, plant trees and shrubs, install irrigation and many other tasks. He did more than simply start my career in the green industry. Jasper resembles the man that fueled my desire to be a business owner. He was a business owner and we often had long conversations about this subject of entrepreneurship.

Ridge is a term to describe landscape topography. But when I think of ridge, I think of the hills I rode dirt bikes on as a teenager. I grew up in the Western Slope of Colorado where the landscape is much different. This part of the name reminds me that life isn’t only about working hard; but stopping and taking time to enjoy it. The Adobe Hills were desolate and barren. As a landscape company we are able to bring beauty to even the most undesirable places. The best part of our job is seeing brown turn to green.

Jasper Ridge combined makes the perfect company name. Life is about balance. Together hard work and play make for the most enjoyable use of our time. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can make the most of your landscape experience.


What our clients say about us.

Carson is highly recommended. Great attention to detail

David Fish

Excellent customer service!

I have used them for both residential and commercial work. They do a terrific job.

Jared Young


Questions, comments or requests? If you have a smaller job we can often answer your question on the phone.  For larger projects we generally meet on site and follow-up with a quote. 

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