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Complete Solutions

At Jasper Ridge, we can provide a variety of solutions for your landscape needs.  We specialize in decorative rock planter beds where we install heavy duty landscape fabric to prevent weeds from growing.  After 15 years in the industry we have discovered that commercial grade weed fabric is the only way to go for a nearly maintenance free landscape.  Another way to prevent weed growth in planting bed areas is by the use of 3-4” depth bark mulch installation.  We can provide bark mulch in natural cedar, dark brown and red dyed mulch.  We can also replenish bark mulch on an annual basis.  

Every planter bed needs a good border.  Some excellent options we offer are metal edging and natural stone edging.  We take the extra time required to dig down and install metal edging flush with the lawn thatch to create a seamless and nearly invisible edge.  One large benefit to this method is it prevents grass from spreading into bark mulch planter beds.

Looking to brighten up your landscape at night?  An excellent way to add an extra level of intrigue to your landscape is with low voltage outdoor lighting.  This wired solution with transformer and led lights has excellent light output that will last for years to come.  There is nothing more beautiful than lit up trees and pathways at night.

Another way to expand your useable yard space is by the installation of a retaining wall.  Retaining walls are a great way to level out a sloped space.  We offer both natural stone boulder retaining walls as well as paver block retaining walls. 

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