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Bark Mulch vs Decorative Rock

Bark mulch and decorative rock are alternative options to traditional landscaping designs and can contribute to a well-managed environment while also adding beauty and value to any outdoor living space. Both materials have unique characteristics that can be beneficial when used as a ground cover.

Bark mulch is an organic material that consists of ground up bark from trees and other plants. It is usually composed of shredded, shredded bark chips, or finely ground bark that is typically used to cover large areas of the landscape. Bark mulch helps to maintain higher levels of moisture in the ground and can provide an excellent source of nutrition for the surrounding plants. It helps to keep weeds from growing and is also an easy way to add texture to an otherwise plain landscape.

Decorative rock is a hard, stable material that is usually composed of stones, gravel, or aggregate. It is typically used to add color and texture to a landscape. Decorative rock can be beneficial in areas with difficult terrain such as slopes or hills. This material helps to prevent erosion, add stability to the land, and regulate water flow. It can also be used to create pathways, waterfalls, and other sculptural elements in a garden. We highly recommend installing commercial grade weed fabric before decorative rock.

When deciding between bark mulch and decorative rock for your landscaping project, it is important to consider the environment, cost, and level of maintenance that each material requires. Bark mulch typically needs more upkeep but can be easier to apply, it does need to be replenished more often. Decorative rock generally has a higher installation cost and requires a more complex installation process.

Overall, both bark mulch and decorative rock can be used to create a positive environment and reduce overall maintenance time. Each material has its own unique characteristics and benefits that should be considered before making a decision.

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