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Creative Drainage Solutions with Dry Creek Bed

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

On this particular project, this portion of the yard had become overgrown and difficult to maintain. In addition, it had some poorly installed stepping stones which created a hazard. The main concern was the runoff issues and erosion created by it. Hence the goal of this project was not only a functional drainage system, but also a low maintenance portion of the yard that would function as a walkway.

For this project we needed to get creative so as to make full use of the space and check all of the boxes the client was looking for. The previous layout and concept was poorly executed and didn't work as intended. We knew we needed to make some significant improvements and use larger stones in order to prevent similar mishap. We have found that it can be very beneficial to provide clients with a design before we begin work so we are all on the same page with what the end product will look like. After creating a 3D design rendering of the project and receiving approval to proceed, we began construction.

This was a very technical project. We had a very narrow working area and limited access. The larger stone steps and boulders required the use of equipment. It was a tight fit and caution was used to prevent damage to the existing concrete pad, fence and house. Additionally there were underground utilities that needed to be preserved. The dry creek bed was designed to not only look natural but also served a very functional purpose. During rain events water sheds from uphill neighboring properties as well as a large potion of the backyard through this narrow passage. This would quite literally become a flowing stream bed during weather events.

Once all of the vegetation was removed, preparations were made to grade and shape the space so we could bring in new materials. We placed the stepping stones for a functional walkway. We utilized many of the previously existing rocks to reduce costs. Before placing the decorative stones we installed weed fabric. We highly recommend commercial grade weed fabric whenever installing decorative rock as a weed preventative. It can be highly effective as a weed deterrent when installed correctly and when using the correct materials.

The bridge, while not entirely necessary added a fun feature. Seriously, who doesn't want a bridge over a stream in their backyard? Additionally, with many years of installing functional water features, it made for a very easy project to place boulders in natural layout. Plus not having to worry about puncturing pond liner was an added bonus! If site conditions were more open, it would have been possible to install a larger stone slab for the bridge for a stream-less design. But due to the lifting capacity of the equipment two slabs were used in this application.

Several perennial plants were installed to soften up the harshness created by the rock. Rocks provide an excellent solution for reduced landscape maintenance. However, they often don't provide the softness desired by outdoor garden spaces. Perennials will provide colorful flowers year after year for many years to come. Due to the narrowness of the space we chose to not go with any shrubs or larger plants which would overwhelm the space once they reached maturity. Note the existing evergreen shrubs in the background. Evergreen shrubs can provide for an excellent background for any planting project as they provide year round interest and greenery when other deciduous plants go dormant until the next year.

When looking for a drainage solution of your own, know that there is no one right way to accomplish the task. Every situation is different and the completed project should be as unique as the individual(s) commissioning the work. When it comes to landscaping, every project is as unique as the client that hires us to perform the work. Drainage is no different; this project is a great example of where form and function work together to accomplish the task. Some drainage projects are purely functional and others are hidden to the common eye. Regardless, we always take pride in doing our best to find a solution for every problem that is brought our way.

We always appreciate honest reviews from our clients. Here is the Google review we received from this client:

"Wow!!! I don’t even know where to start! First of all, we contacted multiple landscaping companies for bids on a large job, and the ONLY one who even bothered to respond was Jasper Ridge. Carson responded within hours and was at our home the very next day. He spent a lot of time listening to what we had in mind, he offered suggestions, took pictures, and developed an amazing design concept with graphics and his bid. We were VERY impressed with his professionalism, kindness, and his honest and fair prices. Carson completed our project for us while we were gone on vacation, and when we came home, we were blown away! Our yard doesn’t even look remotely the same! He was able to totally transform our yard and it looks better than we expected. Most importantly, he really put a lot of thought and care into fixing some issues that we had in our yard. He went above and beyond for us, and we really can’t say enough wonderful things about the job he did. It’s very hard to find honest businesses these days, and we will definitely be using Jasper Ridge in the future! Thank you Jasper Ridge!!!!"

Jasper Ridge landscaping provides “Professional Landscape Services” to the Joplin and surrounding areas; including Carl Junction and Webb City. Our service area is contained within Jasper and Newton Counties in Missouri (MO). For more information about Jasper Ridge LLC please contact us using the contact form.



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