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Clearing Land and Seeding Grass

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Land clearing and brush removal can be a very useful tool to improve your property value and usability. On this project the homeowner wanted to open up their backyard for more usable space. As with any project it is important to perform a site analysis and determine what the desired outcome will be. In this case the homeowner wanted to clear a level spot for a building pad and remove many of the trees, shrubs and taller vegetation which was to be replaced with lawn. This particular lot is long and deep. The homeowner is an avid golfer and likes to set up targets to hit the golf balls towards for practice. Not only is this a great use of space but clearing this area will also make this portion of the property more attractive and usable as well as maintainable. Removal of dense vegetation near homes can drastically reduce the amount of pests and rodents that may inhabit the area.

As the site assessment is being performed it is important to consider existing features such as grade, slope, drainage and utilities amongst other things. Existing site features such as structures, desired trees or other vegetation should be protected in place while work is performed. All of these factors will play a key role in reaching the desired outcome for the space. If trees are to remain on the site it is important to consider the amount of sunlight required for newly established vegetation. If it is unclear where the existing property lines are located it may be necessary to contract a surveying company to perform a property pin locate or site survey. On this project there were no utilities, but there were very large boulders and limestone shelfs near the surface. This knowledge meant that we would have to work around those existing site features to reduce unnecessary costs.

Many of the trees had been removed prior to our arrival. To begin we removed all of the smaller stumps and larger rocks from the surface. Medium sized stump removal was performed with the use of a stump grinder. For the larger tree stumps we had to dig them out with the mini excavator. Once we cleared the land we moved soil and large rocks from high spots in the yard to low spots to fill in the voids where the stumps were removed. Additionally we imported several loads of fill dirt to smooth out the grade along with raise any low spots that might collect water. Once our initial rough grading was complete then we proceeded to use a Harley rake to loosen up the upper surface layers and further remove any surface rocks.

Once the land has been stripped of the existing vegetation and raw land is left it is important to consider how erosion will affect the area. Drainage swales and berms should be created to redirect the water appropriately. Proper erosion control methods should be used to quickly restore vegetation. Additionally erosion control blankets or wattles can be used to reduce the effects of quickly moving runoff water.

After we performed the initial grading work we could begin installing topsoil. We brought in several loads of topsoil for this purpose. Our minimum recommendation for topsoil installation is 2” depth. This allows for a good seed and root bed for new sod or seed. While we were on site we also repaired settling over a newly installed septic field. We added more topsoil and used the landscape rake attachment to perform fine grading soil preparation for this area. Once all of the surface rocks are removed with the landscape rake the surface is now ready for seed or sod. In this situation the homeowner elected to install seed and straw. This work was performed late summer which is a perfect time to seed. This allows sufficient time for proper root growth before soil temperatures drop. The following spring these adolescent seedlings will have additional time to mature and establish before enduring high summer temperatures.

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