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Embracing Smart Sprinkler Technology

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

In recent years smart technology has spread into many aspects of our lives. When it comes to our landscapes and automated sprinkler systems it is no different. We have embraced smart sprinkler technology at Jasper Ridge and whenever possible we upgrade sprinkler systems with onsite Wi-Fi capabilities.

Over the years we have worked with a variety of sprinkler controllers and timers. Generally there are two brands that stick out as tried and tested industry leaders. Probably the most recognized by homeowners is RainBird. A large reason for the recognition is that their products are carried by the large box stores. Another possibly lesser known brand is Hunter Industries. This is typically carried by landscape and irrigation supply houses who also carry RainBird and a variety of other common name brands.

When it comes to choosing the proper sprinkler controller there are many variables that we consider on each project. First and foremost we need a controller that aligns with the number of zones located on site. Another important consideration is whether the controller is located inside or outside. Outdoor controllers are often rated higher than their indoor counterparts and are intended for the harsher weather environments. When it comes to the addition of a smart controller the biggest consideration is Wi-Fi access. Sometimes this requires the need of a booster for your Wi-Fi network. Without the access to the internet you are better off going with a basic controller.

While we have installed both Hunter and RainBird smart controllers, we have chosen Hunter Hydrawise technology as our primary controller offering. Hydrawise offers what we believe is the best solution on the market for homeowners and contractors. With integrated homeowner and contractor access we can remotely manage your sprinkler controller 24/7 from anywhere. This allows us to quickly make changes and updates at the request of a homeowner. Additionally, homeowners can easily make their own changes in the Hydrawise app.

We service a variety of clients; from those who are actively involved in their sprinkler system management to those who elect to have us provide all aspects of their sprinkler repairs and management. Regardless who manages your sprinkler controller, here are some of the added benefits of using a smart sprinkler controller. Smart controllers allow homeowners to save water and money. Due to the addition of cloud connectivity your controller now has access to local weather data. If enabled, predictive watering allows a controller to automatically suspend watering in the event of rain or forecasted rainfall. Additionally, controllers can make adjustments to watering duration based on temperatures. Water savings can quickly translate to savings on your water bill. Additionally, smart controllers can reduce service visits and cut down on repair costs.

Often controllers are located in garages, basements or sheds. Another benefit of upgrading to a smart controller is remote access. It can be difficult to align schedules with a homeowner to perform basic repairs, sprinkler startups or winterizations. Having a smart controller allows us as contractors to control your sprinklers without needing to physically access the controller. This means that no matter where your controller is located we can generally service your site without the need to schedule a meet up time.

Recently we have had several homeowners taking advantage of the watering suspension capabilities. Whether you have an event planned or are planning to have work performed in your yard you can stop watering for a set amount of time. For example we recently had a customer that was installing a fence in their yard. At the request of the fence contractor we suspended watering while the work was being performed. Once the work was complete we were able to resume normal watering.

These are some of the many benefits of upgrading your controller to one with smart capabilities. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, every site is unique and we make recommendations based on your specific situation to ensure that you will experience the best results for your needs. Generally, when we install a new sprinkler system we always include a new Wi-Fi based controller. Additionally, whenever we need to replace a basic controller we look to smart controllers first to see if they will be a viable option.

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